Kristin Daniels

Steamy Romance Author



Damn if the list of The Last Things Wade Black Needed wasn’t growing as long as a hot Texas night.


Happen upon your ex-girlfriend, Cassidy Harding, hiding out on your property because the law is after her? Check.

Finding out you’re the last person to know she’s back in town? Yes ma’am.


Corralling your wayward libido while uncovering a conspiracy bigger than either of you could’ve imagined?  Uh yeah… He’s working on that one.

 In the meantime, what’s a cowboy to do?


Save the girl, make her yours and nail the bad guys? Hell yes.

 Despite their tumultuous history together, Wade’s love for Cassidy has never diminished. He might’ve let her go once, but not this time. He’s a cowboy on a mission, ready to take down anyone who gets in his way.

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