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Safe Surrender Reviews


Safe Surrender starts off with a bang!  This book was so exciting!  I enjoyed it immensely!  Kristin Daniels gives you the right combination of suspenseful action and sultry romance.  Wes and Carli are so spicy sweet together.  Their attraction is immediate and I found the addition of Ian to their relationship added just the right amount of naughtiness.  In this instance, naughty is definitely good.  Ian’s feelings are so sincere, he is a great character and I want to know more about him.  Safe Surrender is a hot adrenaline filled story and by the end you will be aching to surrender.

 ~~ Miranda, Joyfully Reviewed


5 Cherries from Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews

One brave act assures that the only safe place for Carli is in the hands of Wes and Ian (and believe me that seems like just the right place to be). There's no shortage of excitement in this story, and it comes in all types. As a matter of fact there's action, gun fights, evading bad guys, and taking refuge in the heart of one hot detective and in the arms of two.

I couldn't find anything wrong with this book. The story flowed smoothly, the editing was well done and the characters were believable. Caught from the very first, I wolfed this thing down in one sitting.

One note of caution before I wholeheartedly throw my weight behind this book. While there is a menage to this story it isn't the primary relationship or a permanent aspect of that relationship. That being said, I really loved this story. I went straight from finishing the story to search for the author's website and plan to visit more of her writing very soon.


4 1/2 Stars from Just Erotic Romance Reviews (JERR)

Detectives Ian Gray and Wes Lucas, partners for ten years, are on a routine stakeout of a deadly drug lord when everything goes to hell in a matter of seconds. Twenty of Romero DeSilva’s soldiers have them penned down with automatic weapons and back-up is still some time away. Wes spots an innocent bystander crawling across the street and had to save the beautiful fool from the cross-fire. Carli stole the thumb drive from DeSilva’s laptop, which contains the evidence to send his entire organization away for more than life. Ian and Wes take Carli into protective custody. How can Wes protect her if all he can think about is sex with her and why is he so angry that Ian seems to feel the same way about her?

In Safe Surrender, Ian’s heart is too complicated for love, which heightens the reader’s desire to reach out and heal him. He is certainly a sexy and sympathetic character. Wes is so hot and delicious that you could lick him off a spoon like some chocolate desert in the making. Carli couldn’t resist Wes any more than he could resist her, so most of the book revolves around the others keeping watch while Wes teaches Carli about the carnal aspects of love. There is nothing quite so sexy as a player who suddenly finds himself in love. Based on the book description, it is easy to guess that there is a ménage scene somewhere in the mix and it certainly isn’t disappointing. There were several intense and suspenseful scenes between the Lucas brothers and Ian, all fighting against DeSilva’s assassins. It appears that this is going to be a long and tasty series, since the oldest brother, Dean, was married in the previous book, Nameless SurrenderSafe Surrender is an entertaining and engrossing read. I loved it.

~~ Karen Haas, Just Erotic Romance Reviews 


Rated 4 from The Romance Reader's Connection!

SAFE SURRENDER is a fast paced, erotic romance and the story is interesting and believable.  Ms. Daniels creates characters who are down to earth.  SAFE SURRENDER captures your attention from the very first page.  If you are looking for a quick summer read, where the romance and sex are as hot as the summer, this is the book for you.

--Gloria, The Romance Readers Connection