Kristin Daniels

Steamy Romance Author

Getting Naughty Excerpt


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Copyright © 2010 Kristin Daniels


Chapter One

Tara North sucked at waiting.

She wholeheartedly ignored that annoying patience is a virtue mantra circling in her head, knowing without a doubt that whoever originally came up with the saying could never have been as turned on as she was right now.

Fuck patience, she thought. Fuck all this waiting. A little smile crossed her lips when the thought of what she really wanted to say naturally followed. Fuck me, Jared. Fuck me hard.

On an impatient breath, she re-checked her lip gloss in the rearview mirror before going over the rest of her outfit for the tenth time in as many minutes. The thigh-high, lacy black stockings with the seam aligned just so up the back of her leg? Check. The short, tight skirt with matching ribbon-tied bustier hiding out under her new DKNY double-breasted trench coat? Good to go on that front. Jared’s favorite come-fuck-me strappy stilettos adorning her freshly pedicured feet? The wicked Yeah, baby! answer she gave that particular question sent a little tingle straight to her clit. Her makeup was subtle yet sexy and she wore her hair in loose curls around her shoulders just the way her man liked.

She was more than ready.

Sitting in her car at the rear of her husband’s office building parking lot, she fiddled with the garter clasp at the top of the stocking while keeping one eye pinned on the front entrance. Only four cars remained in the lot, besides hers. Two belonged to the cleaning crew, who had arrived less than ten minutes ago, one was Jared’s and the other she didn’t recognize. It was the owner of that car she was waiting for.

Less than two hours remained for her to accomplish what she came here to do, and the minutes were fast ticking away. The cleaning crew always started at the bottom floor, and it would take a good portion of those two remaining hours for them to reach Jared’s office in the north corner of the second floor. Damn it, she was running out of time.

An endless fifteen minutes later, a haggard looking woman stepped from the front doors and headed toward her car. About freaking time. Dusk was just beginning to fall, but it wasn’t as if Tara had to worry about Jared messing up her plan by leaving to rush home. He worked late more and more often, and the simple fact he did is what prompted this little adventure to begin with.

She should’ve known that griping to her best friend last weekend after the two had split a bottle of wine would only ignite the other woman’s imagination. Casey, who was more than a bit loopy at the time, suggested that Tara get all dolled up and seduce Jared one night in his office when he stayed late. Tara, just a tad tipsy herself, hemmed and hawed, raising a valid argument about getting caught or, even worse, Jared losing the job he loved so much if they did. Casey poo-pooed all that by grabbing Tara by the wrist, looking her in the eye and throwing down a challenge. And far be it from Tara to ever back down from a worthy challenge.

It wasn’t as if she really minded Casey’s bossy push. The other woman cared about Tara and truth be told, she cared about Jared as well, so in the end her friend’s meddling simply nudged Tara in the direction she wanted to go anyway. Lord knew she and Jared could use a little fun and excitement in their lives. They both worked so much, with Jared drowning in a sea of double-time hours since his latest promotion. All they were trying to do was get one measly step ahead of the rest of the world, while at the same time trying to stay sane—which lately seemed harder and harder to do. Didn’t it seem fitting that they take one night out of so many chaotic ones to reverse the trend and play just as hard as they worked? And what better way than getting a little—no, wait—a lot naughty in an otherwise stuffy and reserved setting?

Besides, the more she planned and fantasized about tonight, the more excited she became. She’d waited all week for the perfect day to pull this off and now that the time had finally arrived she could barely control the thrill running through her. The twenty-minute drive over seemed to take forever, just as waiting on this last office straggler to pull out of the parking lot did as well.

By the time she opened the car door to climb out, all the anticipation had gotten Tara so geared up that her panties were already drenched. She nearly laughed at the short-lived notion she had to stay in the car for a few extra minutes to ease the ache in her pussy all by herself. It wouldn’t take much more than a single touch to her clit to get her to go off like a Roman candle.

But no. She wouldn’t. She’d leave it to Jared to take care of all that.

Normally steadfast nerves rattled through her insides as she made her way to the entrance. Her peaked nipples grazed the inside of the stiff bustier with every step and she had to bite back tiny hisses as a result. Who knew the idea of doing something daring would electrify her so much? And if she actually pulled tonight off? Dear God, she might never come down from such a high.

Her only worry was Jared’s reaction. He’d either give her the look—that drop-dead-sexy, fuck-me-now look that never failed to whisk her into an erotic spiral—or he’d freak, yank her trench coat closed with a quick tug and shove her out the door. She counted on the former, but would understand if he reacted with the latter. Jared was a tiger in the boardroom, and well known by the powers-that-be for the loyalty and respect he’d always shown the company. But barging in on him—at his office, no less—was so outside of the box for her, and catching him off guard as she was about to do, well, she really had no idea what to expect.

She scanned the parking lot one final time, feeling like a spy in a B-rated action/adventure flick, before rushing up to the front doors. Pulling the spare set of keys she’d snagged from Jared’s backpack earlier this morning out of her coat pocket, she made quick work of the lock, pushed through the revolving doors and bypassed the elevators to head straight for the stairs. They’d be quicker and quieter, with no bells or dings from the elevators to alert him or the cleaning crew that she was there. Slipping out of the stilettos, she scurried up the two flights in only her stocking feet, and as she emerged from the second floor doorway, her blood was racing. The throb certainly wasn’t from physical exertion as her daily treadmill routine would attest, but rather from pure, unchecked excitement.

She looked left then right before stepping into the darkened hallway. The overhead lights were off and only the more dim security lights remained lit. Perfect, she thought. She replaced the heels on her feet and tip-toed further down the cream-colored corridor. The carpet was thick and springy under her shoes and she skimmed her fingertips along the textured walls as she went, caressing each bump and ridge, one after the other. At the corner, she peeked around to see his office at the other end. The door was open wide and the light inside spilled out into the hallway with a bright fluorescent-yellow hue. When the soft sound of his favorite classic seventies music drifted through the air, the edge of her lip lifted in an easy smile.

Rocking out while he worked. That was so like Jared.

A dozen more steps and she neared his doorway. She eased up to it, silent and careful. She wanted to surprise him. Shock him. Entice him.

He sat at his desk, engrossed in a stack of papers nestled atop one of his company’s signature glossy black folders. The fingers of his right hand were curled over his cheek with his thumb resting along his chin and his forefinger pointing to his temple. Ah, his deep-in-thought pose, she mused. She loved it, loved him. So much.

His dark hair stood on end, as if he’d run his hands through it a dozen times or more. His tie was off, thrown over the backpack sitting on the chair across from his desk, and his shirt sleeves were rolled to just below his elbows.

She stood there a moment, soaking in this rare opportunity to just watch him. He was lost in his own little world, unaware of everything and anything going on around him, whether it be in this room or right outside the door.

He tapped the white end of his Montblanc pen repeatedly against the leather corner of his desk calendar pad. With every down stroke, the light caught a single facet in the center diamond of the three embedded within his wedding ring. Tara glanced at her own hand, at the matching band she wore on her third finger.

Regardless of how proud she was of her husband, of all his professional achievements and the way he swore he’d always provide for her, she missed him. She missed waking up wrapped in his arms, because he had an early morning breakfast meeting. She missed falling asleep there, too, because he couldn’t tear himself away from the latest and greatest project or because he had to stay late for an evening video conference. She wanted the spark they once shared to return. She wanted her best friend to look at her with that desperate need in his eyes, just the way he used to. Simply put, she wanted her husband back.

And there was no time like the present to make that happen. With a flutter filling her belly, she took a deep breath, let it out on a slow and even exhale, and summoned enough nerve to clear her throat.